Stocktake PDA Device

Handheld PDE Integration

Using a portable data entry device with our handheld stocktake management app, you can easily and quickly achieve an accurate stocktake and more. All functions load directly into SwiftPOS Back Office, saving you time from manually importing files.

Stocktake PDA Device

Save time, money & reduce risk of human error

A simple interface design, guiding you through your stocktakes, transfers and purchase orders (request). Simple and Easy.

Quick & Simple:

  • Stocktakes
  • Stock Transfers
  • Purchase Orders

A smart solution to organise, keep on top of and maintain stock throughout all locations of a venue. Get rid of the clip board, reduce the amount of errors and best of all, slash the time spent in the stock room.

Reliable, secure and fast, means efficiency and peace of mind. Simply scan product barcodes then enter the quantity, giving you transparency in your stocktake’s, stock transfers and purchase orders. No longer flicking through pages of product listings to find the exact product.

A Simple & Intuitive Interface
  • Wireless Connection
  • 12+ Hours Battery Life
  • Fast & Efficient
  • Synced To Back Office
  • Clerk & Reference Reports

When scanning barcodes or QR codes, all items are automatically consolidated and converted back to their base stock unit, e.g. cartons to bottles, keeping the exact amount on record. Product descriptions are displayed on the screen when scanned, and if a barcode is not on file it can be quickly identified and can add the new barcodes to existing products in the Back Office.

Offline Abilities

Stocktakes can be done outside of wireless access for those external warehouses or remote locations. Stress less, as there is no need to worry about losing your stock counts. Easily export the stocktake onto your local device, if in case the wireless network goes down.


Efficient & Durable

Large & easy-to-read 4" screen

Designed to withstand a drop of 1.2m on concrete, the SwiftPOS Stocktake App has been designed for single hand operations, freeing up the other hand for stock handling. Simply press scan and enter the quantity.

Batteries can be charged without any loss of important data that has already been entered. Running on a industrial version of android software, the device does not need constant updates like regular phones. Auto power off feature means better battery life.

Speed up processes by having multiple devices committing stocktake counts in the same location at the same time. Clerk logins means reporting of individual clerk counts can be tracked as well as individual references entered.

With integrated wireless, there is no need for the device to be connected to a computer, all updates and data retrieving is done wirelessly. 



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