Service Station Solution

SwiftPOS, QuickFuel Point of Sale has been designed to increase sales and add value to your business. With the use of customer facing displays, inexpensive advertising boards which can be positioned around the site including in pump heads, our point of sale system is designed to entice customers to consider shop purchases whilst they fill their car. To ensure of return business, QuickFuel automatically prints vouchers for redemption by customers on their next visit.

Fuel Features

  • Simple and easy to use Fuel console interfaces including Postec and Enabler
  • Fuel Price change wizard including future pricing capabilities
  • Forward price changing including from Remote Locations
  • Electronic Price Board support
  • Fuel delivery entry via simple wizard
  • Support various forecourt modes and pump configurations including (Pre-Pay, Post Pay & Auto Authorise)
  • Intelligent Customer Display in the event of POS PC failure enabling pump sales to be displayed
  • Inbuilt system redundancy to ensure site up time is maxised
  • Cent per litre discounting
  • Cent per litre surcharging
  • Built in functionality to accurately and efficiently handle Drive off and IOUs
  • Lane independency will ensure maximum up time as each point of sale lane can continue to trade irrespective of the state of the rest of the local area network
  • On screen warning for forecourt errors and low product levels
  • Interface to CRINDS, OPTs, Mobile phone and other forecourt enabled devices
  • Efficient entry of meter tests, dip entry and End of Shift/End of Day processing
  • Fuel and Store performance reporting

Sales Features

  • Simple user interface to permit quick and efficient processing of transactions
  • Cash register processing methodology to ensure staff master the system in minutes
  • Unlimited preset tender keys
  • Multiple touch screen keyboard layouts to ensure flexibility and ability to allow for menus ie breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Large range of supported barcode scanners, receipt printers and cash drawers
  • Multiple barcodes per item
  • Time driven promotions for dry stock items
  • Comprehensive “Mix and Match” promotions for combo sales
  • Sales prompts to remind staff to offer a promotion or check for valid Customer ID
  • Ability to display promotion image on customer facing display
  • Ability to track stock to ingredients and component products such as Hot Dog (bun and sausage)
  • Ability to accurately track stock when selling via outer or individual items (e.g. Cigarette packet or carton)
  • Transaction History search including various filters including search by sales value
  • Unlimited Hold and Retrieve transactions capability including retrieval from any terminal
  • Sales person performance recording to allow for basket size reporting and sales person profitability
  • Ability to sell items by various units of measure
  • Timeclock interface

Security Features

  • Security
  • Blind till balance with powerful shift reporting
  • Enable staff log in via wrist band, RF readers or finger print readers
  • User and role based security
  • Comprehensive audit trails of staff activities
  • Security system interfaces to most commercially available digital security systems
  • Safe drop prompts including audit log
  • Voids, Cancels and Price checks including user audit trail
  • Ability to automatically send messages to manager mobile phones when fraudulent activity is detected on site
  • Database redundancy and database backup systems
  • In built messaging system between Back Office and Point of Sale. Ability to broadcast messages to all staff when they first clock in
  • Multiple security system features such as cash drawer open buzzer and alarm activated triggers
  • Staff time clock management
  • Finger print reader
  • Image Acquisition Device
  • Full audit reporting system

Other features

  • Kitchen printing for restaurant prepared items
  • Kitchen video display
  • Bump bars
  • Large range of weight scales interfaces
  • Epay interface
  • Touch systems interface
  • Hospitality module with graphical floor map (Record a table number with your transaction and you can also send the order to the kitchen printer)
  • The number of orders place for a table is also tracked and a write off function is available for you to record order adjustments or cancellations appropriately
  • The Graphical Table Manager in QuickFuel helps to better manage table and seating arrangements so you can more efficiently run your business
  • The table management feature is also easily customisable for use in many industries, including hairdressers, fitness centres and bus tours etc
  • Web interface for support and competitor pricing information updates

Build Customer loyalty

  • Build customer loyalty using inbuilt Gift Cards functions
  • Powerful membership based system to allow you to provide discounts and programs with complementary businesses and organisations in your local area
  • Customer and member campaign options
  • Ability to offer discount on 10th visit or purchase
  • Provide instant customer rewards
  • Create loyalty with your customers
  • Track customer transaction history and buying habits
  • Market to your best customers
  • Offer selected discounts on certain products at different locations if using Head Office (10th Coffee free over multiple stores for example)
  • Complete audit trail of all points awarded or redeemed
  • Create a mix of loyalty rewards and promotions to keep your customers active and involved
  • Use marketing data to improve the success of your business
  • Gift Cards, Offer customers giftcards with the ability to top up when required
  • Prepaid cards including a pin to ensure customer funds are safe
  • Ability to restrict types of products that can be purchased

Shop a docket

  • Ability to scan Shop a docket vouchers at POS to ensure validity based on expiry date and if it has been presented before
  • System can scan voucher electronically using the barcode reader a Coles, IGA and Woolworths voucher
  • Automatically apply correct discount on the voucher
  • If interfaced with Franchise system or Supermarket full EDI capability to ensure timely and accurate reimbursements

Customer Accounts

  • Powerful Customer Accounts processing including family or company discounts, buying groups and special pricing levels
  • Support customer retrieval via barcode scanner
  • Support Customer and sub accounts including automatic price discounting of points capture
  • Quickly and easily manage points-based customer loyalty programs by calculating points accumulated by each customer’s purchases.
  • Points can be redeemed using discounts and vouchers at your store or across your network when used in conjunction with the HeadOffice system

Desspos has over 40 years experience in Point of Sale Solutions, we can tailor a point of sale system to your requirements.