Membership & Loyalty

Whether you are after simple price promotion features or a more extensive targeted marketing and loyalty campaign, SwiftPOS is your solution. With in-built member management tool, you can create customer campaigns utilising price strategies, social media, SMS, email, point systems, tiered loyalty and gift card options.

Loyalty Focused POS

  • Vouchers & Gift Card
  • Print & digital vouchers for members and customers based on triggers, such as quantity, price, product or promotion… to name a few.
  • Create and sell gift cards and handle multiple gift card payments in a single sale.
  • Member Management & Marketing
  • Track members purchasing habits by location or across all locations, complete audit trail of all points awarded and redeemed (even with 3rd party integrations)
  • Tiered loyalty cards for members, based on member classification, purchase or location.
  • Use marketing data to improve the success of your business, create a mix of loyalty rewards and member promotions, keeping your members more active and involved.
  • Customer Campaigns & Pricing Strategies
  • Implement loyalty cards for your returning customers, 10th product free cards etc.
  • Market towards your best customers, by tracking transaction history
  • Offer selected discounts on certain products in different locations

Member Marketing 3rd Party Integrations

In conjunction with SwiftPOS’s inbuilt marketing and promotional features, SwiftPOS has also reached out and integrated with some of the leading platforms in marketing and promotions. POS marketing integrations bring your deals and marketing ideas to life. SMS marketing integrations include, BurstSMS and Direct Exposure, email marketing and campaign management from MailChimp, and voucher and marketing data integration with Impact Data for 3rd party vendors.

POS loyalty integrations

We help clients of all sizes around the world save time, save money and make money through the better application and understanding of data and automation in their business. Impact Data’s Clubs Package combines three of our most powerful tools — TalkBox, Pipeline and Enlight — to help pubs, bars and clubs save time and money.

Desspos has over 40 years experience in Point of Sale Solutions, we can tailor a point of sale system to your requirements.