Age Restrictions & Verification feature in OrderAway

Age Restrictions & Verification feature in OrderAway

We understand the importance of age verification, so we have improved the Age Restrictions and Verification feature in OrderAway. It simplifies the process of asking for a guest's age, allowing you to include any restricted items.

Feature Details

The OrderAway platform has been changed to include a feature that enforces age restrictions for specific products listed on a menu. Guests must confirm their age when ordering those products with a Yes/No or Date of Birth prompt. If the patron is cleared by the Age Restriction check, they'll be exempt from having to do it again for 24 hours.

The Guest Experience

The Age Confirmation message will show whenever someone tries to purchase an item from the Age Restricted Product Family. Depending on the mode chosen, the guest verifies their age or enters their date of birth.

Once guests have proven they are old enough, they can purchase restricted products. Additionally, the guest won't be asked to verify their age for the following 24 hours after ordering.

If the guest responds that they are under the restricted age or ‘I’d rather not say”, the product they attempted to order will NOT be added to their cart. Every time a guest tries to purchase an age restricted product, they will be asked to confirm their age again.

The Staff Experience 

Patrons who have been verified as meeting the Age Restriction requirements will have a comment placed on any orders they make within the next 24 hours, so that your team can easily identify if they need to request proof of identity. This comment appears on:

  • Order Printer dockets
  • Kitchen Printer dockets
  • Within the ‘View Order History’ menu at Touch as shown below:

Important Notes

  1. Even if their date of birth is already stored in the membership system, members who sign in will still be asked to confirm their age when placing an order for an Age Restricted item.
  2. If guests have disabled cookies on their device, they will have to verify their age with each new order when buying an Age Restricted product.

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