3 reasons why Desspos and SwiftPOS make the perfect partner for your club

3 reasons why Desspos and SwiftPOS make the perfect partner for your club

SwiftPOS is a top-of-the-line enterprise point-of-sale system with unparalleled integration abilities. It is the simple solution for controlling a broad portfolio in the cloud, with market-leading offline capacities to guarantee trade continuity. Our vast collection of POS features provides your club with more control, optimisation, customisation and cost savings.

These are the 3 reasons Desspos and SwiftPOS are the right partner for your club;

Multi-venue, multi-outlet management

Controlling more than one venue and outlet has always posed difficulties that are not encountered in one-site locations. SwiftPOS was designed to manage this challenge. SwiftPOS enables operations across multiple service types and locations to be managed using a single Back Office database, helping to increase efficiency. You will no longer have to duplicate products, promotions, users, and advertising. Staff in the head office can generate reports and check activity at individual locations, venues, or the entire enterprise with security levels included.


SwiftPOS is proud to collaborate with all the major gaming systems in Australia, allowing your venue to capture players' gaming points. SwiftPOS connects to Aristocrat, IGT, Konami, MaxGaming, Odyssey, Metropolis (eBet), Bally (SG Gaming), Independent Gaming, and Global Gaming for its POS gaming integrations. 

Additionally, POS terminals can be linked to Keno to enable members to collect loyalty points through SwiftPOS.

Integrating the loyalty solution with SwiftPOS rewards your members with points and redemption opportunities when they visit any of your F&B outlets, motivating them to use all of your services.

Additionally, our QR-code ordering service, OrderAway, simplifies the process for members to log on and use their gaming points at the EGM. Member discounts and offers are updated in real time in OrderAway and can be seen when ordering from menus that are personalised based on which area of the club a member is in, such as the bar, restaurant or gaming room and according to the time of day.

Stock & Inventory Management:

SwiftPOS is built off of an inventory management system which will assist you in improving operations and controlling costs. Immediate and precise stock availability information is available to you with ease. SwiftPOS will reduce stock levels with each transaction instead of having a separate inventory system that only does a daily read. Instantly identify when dishes are out of stock and guarantee that your venue never runs out of products and components. The updated data will be forwarded to OrderAway and Digital Menu Boards to ensure customers don't purchase something that isn't in stock.

Desspos has over 40 years experience in Point of Sale Solutions, we can tailor a point of sale system to your requirements.